Our Ministry in Romania

Our ministry in Romania began in the fall of 1991, and our first impression of the country was sprinkled with the bitterness of the cold November air. When we first arrived here, the country appeared to be attempting to free itself of the shackles it developed over the years of harsh communist reign.

Romania shocked us with how much of a need the small nation had, there appeared to be so much to do that it was almost chaotic to try and start. It was at this point that the Lord blessed us with the beginnings of our current ministry here.

Though the need was great, we were able to begin a ministry of feeding and clothing the poor. This ministry has grown substantially as charities and sponsors continue to donate. Through the years we have been able to provide people throughout Romania millions of meals, and to help clothe them.

We are continually looking for supporters to help us in this cause, if you feel so willing please do not hesitate to contact us!