Our Ministry in Fiji

Our ministry in Fiji began in 1984, when both David and Phyllis Rathjen traveled to the small archipelago. As we spent more time here, it became fairly evident to us that the coastal areas of the many islands were being evangelized, and receiving Christian help from other countries; yet the interior mountain villages remained as Gospel deprived areas.

Since our discovery of the need for evangelism in Fiji, our goal has been to plant at least one church per year in these villages. While we pursue this opportunity to help develop church communities in Fiji, we also try to build these communities a building to come together and celebrate as the body of Christ.

Since our organization entered Fiji, we have been able to plant 24 churches - the smallest of them seating 100 people, but the largest of them having grown to 400 people. By the time we have finished building these the churches in these villages, they are often full of joyful individuals and an endearing collection of believers.

As our ministry grows each year, so too does our vision for church planting; and though we have been able to minister to so many villages, we are not done with Fiji - and we would love you to help us in our efforts here.